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Signature Collection

Daniella’s Vellas Signature Collection is handcrafted on Long Island using materials chosen with an emphasis on sustainability and renewability; including the label, packaging, wax, and wick.

The Signature Collection candles are handmade from Coconut wax blend. Read here about all the benefits of Coconut wax blend and why we have chosen to make all our candles from Coconut wax blend.

The containers for Daniella’s Vellas - The Real Coconut Candle™ are all made from coconut shells. The coconut shells have a finish on them that accentuates the natural beauty of itself. These containers are offered in two sizes; a half coconut shell or a coconut cup. The half coconut shell contains approximately 5 ounces of our richly-scented Coconut wax blend, and the coconut cup holds about 14 ounces of our richly-scented soy wax. The half coconut shell size burns for nearly 30 hours and the coconut cup burns for approximately 100 hours. Our richly-scented soy wax is all colored white to resemble the natural fruit that was once contained in the mature coconut shells. Read here about the benefits of our coconut containers and why all of us at Daniella’s Vellas are so proud to be able to craft our Signature Collection inside of them.

The packaging and labeling for all our products are made from 100% post-consumer waste materials and are completely bio-degradable and recyclable. Read here about Daniella's Vellas pledge to the environment.